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Youth Ministry (7th-12th grade)

Our mission at TFUMC is to Share Christ, Build Disciples, and Send Ministers and this is the mission for the youth group as well. We want to make sure that our lives are centered around Christ and that our youth group can face those challenges together that can sometimes distract us from God. We look at Scripture, what Jesus has to say to us today, we pray together and worship together each week to keep ourselves accountable. We try to find ways to serve in our community, in our state, and around the world.
Upcoming Youth Events:

2020 DNow: Friday January 17th-Sunday January 19th

If you’re not from Thomasville, it might seem odd that we have a sign up for DNow on a Methodist Church’s website. DNow (Disciple Now) is an event that primarily Baptist churches host around the country. In most areas where a Baptist church hosts a DNow, it’s mostly other Baptist churches that participate. However, the church community in Thomasville is different. Since the early 2000’s in Thomasville, DNow isn’t viewed as only a Baptist event, but a Thomasville wide youth event hosted by Thomasville First Baptist Church. Just for transparency sake: the main planning for this event is done by Thomasville First Baptist and other Baptist leaders in Thomas County. Because of that, some of the teaching at DNow may not reflect United Methodist practice, values or theology. At the same time, the content of this event may not conflict with United Methodist practice, values or theology either. For many of our students, DNow is always an important time in their lives when they notice significant spiritual growth. The Youth Minister at Thomasville First Baptist, and others involved, are seeking to make the 2020 DNow ecumenical and we think it will be. We feel it’s a great opportunity for youth to get together from all over Thomas County to worship and grow together in Christ and we encourage our students to participate.

The speaker this year is D.A Horton: http://dahorton.com/
The band is Iron City Worship: http://www.ironcityworship.com/

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