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Advent Revolution 2021 

For many years we at TFUMC have been a part of a revolution dedicated to doing Christmas differently. We believe that Christmas was meant to change the world!  The basic tenants of Advent Revolution have been:  Spend less. Give more.  Worship fully.  Love all. 


Over the years we have spent less money on ourselves and instead, used that money to help others.  This year we will focus on spending our time, investing in serving others.  We want to challenge you to consider the ways you spend your time and to intentionally focus on giving your time to help others in our community and beyond. 


The Advent Revolution theme for 2021 is Time For Joy.  Your time is a valuable gift you can give to others.  The word ‘joy’ is to remind you that when considering your time, put JESUS FIRST, OTHERS SECOND, AND YOURSELF LAST. When making decisions about where to invest your time, remember the acronym TIME.  Be Thoughtful, Intentional, Mindful, and the results can be Eternal.


Below is a list of ways for you to invest your time in others during the Advent season.  Further information and sign-up sheets are located on the Advent Revolution board in the lobby of the Fellowship Building.  We encourage you and your entire family to choose some activities to do together and to keep track of the hours you spend investing in others this season.  Use the slips provided to record your hours and turn them into the offering plate, greeters or to the church office.  We will be adding up the hours and keeping track on the Advent Revolution barometer clock.  We are excited about working together to reach our goal of 500 hours before December 25th!
Advent Outreach Ministry Opportunities

We encourage everyone to find a place to serve!  Opportunities are not limited to this list.  Please record and submit any hours you spend serving the community during this Advent Season.


       TFUMC Youth is collecting items to donate to the Halcyon Home, a non-profit, non-denominational charitable organization for battered women and their children.  School and Art supplies for the children as well as cleaning and home items such as mops, brooms, brushes, sheets, towels, etc. are needed.  The deposit location is in the Youth Activity Center.

       We will be collecting items for Fountain of Life Rescue, Inc. to add to care packages for the homeless.  Easy to open food items, that do not require cooking or refrigeration such as pop top cans of food, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, granola/energy bars, bottled water, protein shakes etc. are needed.  A collection receptacle is located in the lobby of the Fellowship Building. 

       Fountain of Life Rescue, Inc. is in great need of advocates, especially female. Must be 18 or older.  Training is offered when advocates come on board.  Contact Dan May (706) 833-7761.

       We will be collecting items for the Thomas County Food Bank. IN-DATE, non-perishable canned goods can be placed in a receptacle located in the lobby of the Fellowship Building.

       Back Pack Buddies will be packaging food during December.  A sign-up is located on the Time For Joy board in the Fellowship Building.

       Food Bank Christmas Parties need volunteers to give out care packages in the drive through.  Sign up available on the Time For Joy board in the Fellowship Building.

       Goal Line Ministries Dinner – We will be blessing some of the students from Goal Line Ministries with dinner!  We need volunteers to bring a pot of chili and fixings to share on Tuesday, November 30th at 6:30 pm.  We will gather in the Fellowship Building for food and fellowship. We will also be packaging Exam Care Packages for the students during this time.  Donations of candy, bottled drinks, gum, notes, snacks, etc. are needed.  A receptacle is located in the Fellowship Building. 

       Goal Line Exam Care Packs –We will be providing Exam Care Packages for the Goal Line Ministry student athletes.  Donations of bottled drinks, snacks, candy, gun, notes, etc. are needed.  Donations can be brought to the Fellowship Building the night of the dinner on November 30th or before.

       CNS Meal Delivery – We need volunteers to deliver CNS to-go dinners to local families.  There is a sign up located on the Time For Joy board in the Fellowship Building.

       Caroling At Nursing Homes – Get a group of friends and family and head to a local nursing home to spread some cheer.  Pay attention to Covid protocol and sing outside in order to be safe! 

       Christmas Cheer for Nursing Homes – Have a family art time and make Christmas cards or signs for nursing home residents.  Add a pair of fuzzy no-skid Christmas socks and some of our frontline heroes at TFUMC will deliver them personally!  There will be a place to leave cards in the Fellowship Building.

       Intercessory Prayer Ministry – Christmas is a time to respond to the love God gave us in the birth of His Son and our Savior. As we consider ways that we can share our time with others in an act of love and worship in the name of Jesus, perhaps a card or prayer commitment to those who would cherish being remembered would honor our Heavenly Father. If you would like to join others who will pray for the needs of our friends and, or send cards to names we can send you, sign up to be part of this ministry during Advent.




Any activities you are involved in serving our community as the hands and feet of Jesus this season count!  Serving Thanksgiving lunch with Project Backyard?  Working at the Food Bank?  Volunteering for the Thrift Store?  That’s awesome! Record your hours!  Let’s get out there and share the love!



    Halcyon Home – Halcyon Home is a non-profit, non-denominational charitable organization for battered women and their children located in Thomasville.  Contact (229) 226-6682


    Fountain Of Life Rescue, Inc. – A faith-based emergency overnight homeless shelter for men and women founded by Jimmy Moore in 2019. Fountain Of Life is solely dependent on donations from local foundations, individuals, businesses, and churches. Contact Dan May (706) 833-7761.                                                                                     The current hours of operation are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m.  There are two shifts (6 p.m. to 12 a.m. and 12 a.m. to 8 a.m.).  There is at least one male advocate and one female advocate on duty at all times, as well as the shelter manager.  

The shelter offers the following:

            1.  A safe, warm place to sleep.

            2.  Showers.

            3.  Laundry so the homeless can wash their clothes.

            4.  Food (which is donated by churches, businesses, and individuals). The shelter does not cook meals.

            5.  Clothes if they are needed.

            6.  A caring and compassionate ear so that the homeless can talk and express any needs.


    Thomas County Food Bank – Provides food, coats, and blankets to those in need.  Open Monday 3:00-5:30pm; Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-12:30 pm.  Contact: Wayne Adams (239) 226-8686.


    Back Pack Buddies – Helps fight childhood hunger by sending backpacks full of packaged food home with children every week. Volunteers are needed to sort and pack food and donate food items.  Contact:  Jerry Anderson (912) 713-4057


    Goal Line Ministries – Goal Line Ministries is a non-denominational Christian organization that brings the good news of Jesus Christ into the lives of students at the Thomas University campus in Thomasville, Georgia. What characterizes Goal Line is its commitment to the students through strong community support. Through this support, Goal Line is able to equip, empower and encourage students to make a difference for Christ in the classroom and on the playing field.


Goal Line shares the love of Jesus Christ through platforms like the Adopt-a-Student program, Survivor, Bible studies, mission projects, and team devotions. Goal Line creates a safe place where students can be themselves and explore Gods plan for their lives while growing spiritually.  Whether students are seeking answers or just acceptance, Goal Line is there for them, armed with a desire for fun and the ultimate message that the biggest victory in life is through a relationship with Jesus Christ!  Volunteers are needed to adopt student athletes. Contact:  John Rainey (229) 221-3227

    Fountain of Life Rescue – Fountain of Life Rescue is the local Thomas County Homeless shelter. This mission is to serve those who need shelter and help in trouble times. Volunteers needed to serve as advocates and to provide donations of blankets and easy open snack foods. Contact:  Dan May (706) 833-7761

    CNS (Community Night Supper) – Each Wednesday during the school year, the members of TFUMC gather to eat together in the Fellowship Building.  Volunteers are needed to deliver to-go plates to people in the community. Contact: Church Office (229) 226-0840

    TFUMC Intercessory Prayer Ministry – A dedicated group of TFUMC prayer warriors meet weekly to pray for specific needs and requests.  Contact Sally Sullivan (229) 226-5485

Join the Revolution
Advent Revolution is just our local part of a much larger movement to change the way we celebrate Christmas. Christians everywhere are choosing compassion over consumption. To learn more check out